About the Project

The World of an Insignificant Woman is the biography of Hilda Marjory Sharp (nee Ingle), who lived from 1882 to 1967.  Marjory, as she was known, was a teacher and social worker and the mother of eight children.  The biography was written by her youngest daughter, Catherine ‘Ta’ Thackray.

The book follows Marjory’s life from her roots in Cambridgeshire, through her working life, motherhood and old age. It has chapters on her parents, her two brothers (including Roland, who died at The Somme) her two younger sisters, and her husband Thomas Sharp (1881-1953). It is based on Marjory’s own written memoir, her letters, and of course the personal recollections of the author.

There are two motivations for publishing this book.  The first is to create a lasting record of Marjory’s life for her descendants (of whom I am one).  The second is to learn the fundamentals of electronic and print-on-demand publishing.  This site follows the publication of the book, from the re-typing of the original manuscript, to its production in printed and digital forms.  Links to buy or download the book are provided, along with resources for teachers and translators who want to learn more.

Do get in touch if this project is of interest in any way. There is a contact form below.

~ Rob

Marjory Ingle (right) and a colleague, as a young school-teachers in Keighley, 1905.


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