The sources cited by Ta in the footnotes for The World of an Insignificant Woman offer a broad reading list for anyone studying early Twentieth Century history.

  • Margaret Spufford.  Contrasting Communities – English Villagers in the C16 & C17 . C.U.P. 1974.
  • Cottenham Village College Local History Group.  Charity School to Village College.  Echo Press.  Loughborough.  1968.
  • Mary Gawthorpe. Up Hill to Holloway. Traversity Press. Main. 1962.
  • Gwen Raverat, Period Piece – A Cambridge Childhood.  Faber.  1952.
  • A booklet produced for private circulation, compiled by Miss Maisie Cattley, with recollections contributed by Old Perseans, to mark the 75th Anniversary of the School in 1956.  I have also used school records of the School Magazine and the Debating Society.
  • H.M. Swanwick  I Have Been Young  Gollancz.  1935
  • M.A.Scott, The Perse School for Girls, The First Hundred Years. Cambridge, 1981
  • Susan Chitty The Beas and the Monk. A Life of Charles Kingsley (1974)
  • Governors’ Minutes. Keighley Girls’ High School.
  • Sybil Oldfield Spinsters of this Parish. Virago. 1984
  • Leonard Woolf Beginning Again 1964
  • John Carswell Lives and Letters of A. R. Orage, Katherine Mansfield, Beatrice Hastings, John Middleton Murry, S. S. Roteliansky (Faber, 1978)
  • The unpublished memoir of Millie Price, which is stored in the same archive box as Marjory Sharp and Catherine Thackray’s papers.
  • Philip Mairet Life of A.R. Orage.
  • Enid Huws Jones, Margery Fry – the Essential Amateur (1966)
  • Deborah Gorman The Victorian Girl and the Feminine Ideal (Croom Helm, 1982)
  • Wallasey High School for Girls, Governors’ Minutes at Wirral M.B.C. Central Library, Birkenhead.
  • B.M.Gregory. One Hundred Years of W.H.S.Wallasey 1883–1983
  • Wallasey News
  • Dora Russell The Tamarisk Tree Vol.3 1985
  • Vera Brittain Chronicle of Youth. War Diaries 1913–17.
  • Martha Vicinus Independent Women – Work and Community for Single Women 1850 – 1920. Virago History, 1985.
  • Book of the Bazaar in Southwark Local Studies Library
  • F.H. Stead. Fellowship – the monthly journal of the Browning Settlement
  • A. Linklater An Unhusbanded Life: Charlotte Despard. Suffragette, Socialist and Sinn Feiner Hutchinson, 1980
  • Peckham People’s History.  The Times of our Lives. 1983
  • George Lansbury came My Life (London, 1928)
  • George Hamilton Archibald The Modern Sunday School – Its Psychology and Method (The Pilgrim Press, 1921)
  • Liddington and Norris One Hand Tied Behind Us: The Rise of the Women’s Suffrage Movement (Virago, London, 1978)
  • NUWSS archives at the Fawcett Library, including ‘Common Cause’
  • Ray Strachey The Cause (Virago, 1978)
  • Margaret Forster Significant Sisters – Active Feminism 1839 – 1939
  • Women’s Industrial Council Annual Reports 1909 – 1911 in the archives of Huddersfield Polytechnic.
  • Ian Mac Dougall (ed) Militant Miners 1981 (Polygon Books)
  • Stanley Weintraub The Four Rossettis (W. H. Allen) 1978
  • The Victoria County History – Cambridgeshire Volume V records that in 1912 Robert Ingle bought 277 acres of land in Kingston, Cambs.
  • The Elean No. 10, Summer 1966 (magazine of King’s School, Ely).
  • T.E.B. Howarth’s Cambridge Between the Wars.
  • Peter Ackroyd, in T.S. Eliot (Hamish Hamilton, 1984)
  • James Cameron Point of Departure (Panther, 1969)
  • A Newnham Anthology
  • Walter de la Mare Behold this Dreamer (Faber, reissued 1984).
  • Rose Macaulay Non-Combatants and Others (Methuen, 1916)

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