There was actually an extra stage in the proof-reading process, which is particular to this project and not something that other self-publishers would normally have to consider.  This was the task of reconciling the two competing versions of the text.  Once I had made all the corrections I had identified, I went back to the Women’s Library to check the manuscript that had been deposited there.  I made a note of where Ta had made corrections, which were easily spotted because of the white correction fluid.  There were not too many of these.

I was also able to add her Foreword to the document, since that is not present in the manuscript I hold.

The result is the Best of Both Worlds, in my opinion.  The digitised text is the final version, as Catherine Thackray left it.  However, the footnotes are intact.  It is therefore a new thing, neither Version 1 or Version 2.  It is Version 2011, the Twenty-First Century edition.


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