Writing the Century

The correspondence between Marjory Sharp and her daughter Catherine (Ta) has been dramatised for BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour!  Here’s the blurb:

Catherine Thackray, faces a terminal illness. She wants to put her life in order and to create a family history for own grandchildren. In so doing, she takes up her mother, Marjory’s memoir, and weaves it into her story.

The link to the first episode is here, and I will endeavour to post links to the rest of the episodes, and possibly even the audio files, once I return from holiday.

I hope a shiny publication of The Life of an Insignificant Woman will act as an appropriate companion to this dramatisation.  Everyone in the Sharp family is delighted that Ta and Marjory’s archives are being brought to life in these myriad ways.  It is a powerful argument for letter writing, diaries and archiving, and allows new generations to access their heritage in a meaningful way.


One response to “Writing the Century

  • penny hobson

    am a friend of Becca’s
    just LOVED the programme and heard the last episode last night.
    would SO much like to see the whole script written out…
    as an art student, i am hoping to bring my great great grandmother’s 1863 diary of a trip to Europe with her reporter father.
    your website really inspires me
    best wishes

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